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    Directed by Mauricio Leiva-Cock
    Colombia | 10 minutes | World premiere |

Samael and Benjamin spend their days playing with their dog Tsuki and their three new bunnies until, during a family lunch, the bunnies disappear.

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Director: Mauricio Leiva-Cock
Producers: Mauricio Leiva-Cock, Andres Mossos, Mark Raso
Screenwriter: Mark Raso
Cinematographers: Carlos A. Lopez
Editor: Mauricio Leiva-Cock
Music: Miss Colombia, Jorge Leiva
Cast: Samael Acosta, Benjamin Acosta, Jorge Leiva Porras, Alfredo Aguilar, Diana Jaramillo
Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
Year: 2017
Running Time: 10 minutes
Premiere Status: World premiere

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