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    Disco Obu

    Directed by Anand Kishore
    India | 21 minutes | North America |

A journalist captures a day in the life of a former child star, now an anonymous auto-rickshaw driver.

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Director: Anand Kishore
Producers: Anand Kishore, Gayathri Thaikkendiyil, Ayesha Anna Ninan, Parvathy Krishna
Screenwriter: Anand Kishore
Cinematographers: Yanqiu Fei
Editor: Anand Kishore
Music: Aniruddh
Cast: Amjad Prawej, Balaji Manohar, Malay Prakash, Gopal Deshpande
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Year: 2017
Running Time: 21 minutes
Premiere Status: North America
Website: www.disco-obu.com

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