• Tommy's Honour

    Directed by Jason Connery
    U.S. | 112 minutes | North American Premiere | World Cinema Now

There’s triumph and tragedy in this handsomely mounted real-life story of Scotsmen Tom and Tommy Morris, the father and rebellious son who founded the modern game of golf, while bucking the stultifying class rules of the Victorian era.


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film synopsis

Tommy Morris and his father Tom Morris were the real-life founders of the modern game of golf. But the story behind their triumph, beautifully told in this warm, expansive period piece, involves much more than sport. Morris the elder (Peter Mullan), the greens keeper at St Andrews in Scotland, and his ambitious, rebellious son (Jack Lowden), who became known as the greatest golfer of the 19th century, were an unbeatable team, but they had radically different visions. Tom accepted his subservient "place" in the rigid Victorian class system. The ambitious Tommy fought for equality, standing up to the "gentlemen" at the club who profited off his labors. And when he fell in love with a woman his parents didn't approve of, he refused to buckle to conventional morality.

Director Jason Connery, son of Sean, must know a thing or two about growing up in a father's shadow, and he brings his insight to bear in this little known tale of triumph and tragedy. The great Peter Mullan anchors the fine cast, which includes Sam Neill as Tommy's haughty upper-class nemesis.

film details

Country: U.S.
Year: 2016
Running Time: 112 minutes
Premiere Status: North American Premiere
Language: English
Awards: Best Film, BAFTA Scotland
Director: Jason Connery
Producers: Keith Bank, Bob Last, Jim Kreutzer, Tim Moore
Principal Cast: Peter Mullan, Jack Lowden, Ophelia Lovibond, Sam Neill
Cinematographers: Gary Shaw
Editor: John Scott
Music: Christian Henson
Screenwriter: Pamela Marin, Kevin Cook
Website: www.tommyshonour.com

guests in attendance

Jason Connery – Director

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