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    Camera Store

    Directed by Scott Marshall Smith
    U.S. | 105 minutes | World Cinema Now

Belated festive fare (sort of)… Set on Christmas Eve, 1994, Smith’s knotty-but-nice indie drama gives a welcome spotlight to veteran thesps John Larroquette and John Rhys Davies as two embittered camera-store clerks, railing against the dying of the light and venting entertainingly against their prison-like lot in life.

film synopsis

After seeing his screenplays for Men of Honor, The Score and When the Game Stands Tall get made, Scott Marshall Smith turns director with this ambitious, toothy, independently produced film set in a struggling suburban mall on Christmas Eve, 1994.

Business is lackluster across the board, but in the camera store it's downright depressed. Apparently that's just how the boss wants it. For him, it's nothing but a tax write-off. But for the bitter, silver-haired store manager, Ray (John Larroquette), he can't wait to get out from under and set up on his own with a One-Hour Photo booth.  It's the latest thing—or at least, it was, when he started talking about the idea several years earlier.

Veterans Larroquette and John Rhys Davies work up a head of steam with their frequently foul-mouthed bickering and banter behind the counter, while the threat of obsolescence grows ever closer in this acerbically witty dark comedy.

film details

Director: Scott Marshall Smith
Producers: Nicholas Cafritz, Robert Reed Peterson, Albert Dickerson III, Scott Marshall Smith
Screenwriter: Scott Marshall Smith
Cinematographers: Yaron Levy
Editor: Ryan Dufrene
Music: Justin Caine Burnett
Cast: John Larroquette, John Rhys Davies, Justin Lieberman, Maddie McComick, Laura Silverman, Cheryl Ladd
Country: U.S.
Language: English
Year: 2016
Running Time: 105 minutes
Website: www.camerastorefilm.com

guests in attendance

Scott Marshall Smith – Director

2017 PS Film Festival