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Best of Fest screenings will be held on Monday, June 28 with tickets available at approximately 9pm PT on Sunday, January 27.

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On the Job | June 24, 1:45pm

Colorful colleagues, fraudulent bosses, and occupational hazards feature prominently in these portraits of the working life. Read More

Power Plays | June 24, 2:30pm

Tense standoffs, risky gambits, and subtle manipulation characterize these stories about the lengths we go to control our own lives—and sometimes those of others. Read More

Under the Spotlight | June 24, 5:30pm

Whether on stage or on screen, these behind-the-scenes stories examine the hidden work and preparation that goes into mounting a production. Whether shooting a sex scene in Germany or teaching dance classes at Radio City, these films dive headfirst into the trials and tribulations of show business. Read More

Getting it On | June 24, 6:15pm

A selection of films about love, sex and everything in between. This one’s got a little steam. Read More

Thrills & Chills | June 24, 7:00pm

Buckle in for this hair-raising series of lurid genre shorts. From an Andalusian nightmare to a phallic catastrophe in Finland, expect no shortage of scares and savagery. Read More

Sibling Stories | June 25, 9:00am

The bond between siblings is stronger than ever in this eclectic selection of shorts, as a teenager in Israel defends her younger brother at school and a pair of conniving sisters hatch a plan on the Atlantic coast of France. Read More

Far From Home | June 25, 9:45am

Poignant films about people who, as students, workers or refugees, leave what they have always known and find themselves forever changed. Read More

Doing My Part | June 25, 10:30am

Stories of extraordinary people facing a troubled world and doing what they can to make it better. Read More

Brief Encounters | June 25, 1:00pm

Unexpected meetings or temporary companionships – sometimes our most deeply felt experiences are drawn from the most fleeting shared moments. Read More

Stardust | June 25, 1:45pm

It's a vast universe out there, and our lives are just a blip on the limitless expanse of the cosmos. From the Mekong River to the French countryside, these enigmatic shorts ponder all matters celestial and spiritual. Read More

The Life of the Party | June 25, 2:30pm

Wild nights, unwanted guests, and vicious hangovers abound in these stories dedicated to memorable festivities and wanton disinhibition. Read More

Beneath the Surface | June 25, 5:30pm

Everyone has a story. Whether encouraged or denied, something is bubbling up in this collection of films. Read More

Freaks, Geeks, & Creeps | June 25, 6:15pm

Whether you’ve ever felt like an outcast or not, you’ll be cheering these films about extreme couples, video store clerks, con artists, and more! Eccentrics, weirdos, nerds, and animals dressed as people, we celebrate you! Read More

Gayla! | June 25, 7:00pm

Fun, funny, exciting, empowering and real: films about gay life in all its forms and moments. Read More

All in the Family | June 26, 9:00am

The bonds of family transcend time, politics and finances. Through thick and thin, we’re in each other’s business ‘til death us do part. Read More

The Things We Do For Love | June 26, 9:45am

Whether for family or romance, we reserve our boldest actions for the ones we love most. From a devoted son's unexpected deathbed gesture to a far-flung survivalist's amorous appeals, these touching and comedic stories reaffirm that love is always the best answer. Read More

Shorties! | June 26, 10:30am

Films for kids and the young at heart, this mix of family-friendly fare features a variety of animated and live-action tales. Read More

Crossroads | June 26, 1:00pm

What is life if not a series of crossroads? The characters in this program stand at a critical juncture, facing pivotal decisions and life-altering events. Read More

A City Symphony | June 26, 1:45pm

Films from around the world about life in the (beautiful, ancient, always changing, impossible) city. Read More

Power to the People | June 26, 2:30pm

From the pandemic to racial justice and beyond, this program of documentaries shines a spotlight on the individuals and communities bearing witness to a changing world and fighting for a better future. Read More

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