• The Things We Do For Love

Whether for family or romance, we reserve our boldest actions for the ones we love most. From a devoted son's unexpected deathbed gesture to a far-flung survivalist's amorous appeals, these touching and comedic stories reaffirm that love is always the best answer.


Short Films

Cabin for Two

An eccentric man makes a dating tape from his cabin in a post-apocalyptic future.

In competition for Best Comedy Short and Best Midnight Short.

Everything Stays

As the summer after high school graduation winds down, Gabe's cousins have one last chance to tie him down in Illinois, forcing Gabe to decide what’s more important: his family or his future?

In competition for Young Cineastes Award.

I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face

After being separated for 82 days, Adam travels down a rough road to be reunited with the one he loves, whatever it takes.

In competition for Best of the Festival Award and Young Cineastes Award.

If Found

Lydia is a lonely dog-obsessed girl with bad boundaries. When she meets June, a lonely honey-colored mutt tied up to a fence, it’s love at first sight, and Lydia steals her. The two have a blissful romp on the beach, but soon Lydia learns that while her heart has space for June, her life may not.

In competition for Best U.S. Short.

Nour Shams

Shams’ only son wants to leave Saudi Arabia to become a rapper. She wants him to have babies and settle down.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes.


Undertakers wait on a family's final farewells, as one son struggles to say goodbye to his dead father.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under and Best U.S. Short.

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