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Best of Fest screenings will be held on Monday, June 28 with tickets available at approximately 9pm PT on Sunday, January 27.

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Public Spaces, Private Lives | June 22, 9:00am

Hidden desires and private aspirations come to light in this selection of intimate shorts. Who we are isn’t always how we present ourselves. Read More

Home Is Where the Heart Is | June 22, 9:45am

Home is so much more than a place in which we physically live. It is our ancestors, our memories, our loved ones, and our shared future. Read More

On the Road | June 22, 10:30am

Take the scenic route with this collection of shorts about the time we spend in transit, whether touring the neighborhood or heading to parts unknown. Read More

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Women on Top | June 22, 1:00pm

Forging their own way in a world too slow to adapt, the women of these shorts challenge gender norms and live life on their own terms, whether in a fishing village in Brazil or a beauty parlor in Tunisia. Read More

Higher Ground | June 22, 1:45pm

The spiritual, the metaphysical and the supernatural coincide in this series of funny and profound shorts exploring the power of faith, belief and ritual. Read More

Night to Remember | June 22, 2:30pm

History is made at night in this series of nocturnal tales, as a roofless New York teenager searches for a place to sleep and a pizza delivery driver in Haifa burns the midnight oil. Read More

Opening Night | June 22, 7:30pm

The movies are back! Enjoy a welcome return to the theater as we bring you some of our favorite shorts of the year.

There will be no reception after this year's opening night screening Read More

All About My Mother | June 23, 9:00am

Whether touching or comedic, these stories take you across the world of mothers and motherhood, spotlighting the enduring impact our mothers leave on our lives. Read More

Live & Learn | June 23, 9:45am

In and out of the classroom, these stories of devoted teachers and embattled students shine a light on the triumphs and shortcomings of the educational process. Read More

Growing Pains | June 23, 10:30am

Growing up is hard to do but makes for great stories in this collection of coming-of-age shorts. Read More

Same Planet, Different Worlds | June 23, 1:00pm

In our increasingly connected world, real and imagined barriers continue to drive a wedge between people from different backgrounds. From Mauritius to Chile, these compassionate stories highlight unexpected encounters across the class divide and the lives of those who struggle to make ends meet. Read More

In the Country | June 23, 1:45pm

Rural life takes center stage in these films about the country and all that we lose, find and feel there. Read More

Alone Together | June 23, 2:30pm

Chance meetings, companionships of convenience, and distant loved ones – sometimes that unexpected spark of connection strikes when we think we are alone. Read More

Fever Dream | June 23, 5:30pm

Vivid imagery, distorted realities, provocative and haunting stories. Like a dream that you can’t shake, these films are made for unpacking. Read More

True Stories | June 23, 6:15pm

From Iran to El Salvador, these incredible, boundary-pushing nonfiction shorts embody the boldest values of new documentary filmmaking. Read More

Brave New World | June 23, 7:00pm

Tales about our strange present and unknown future and its wondrous (and horrifying) possibilities. Read More

Father Figures | June 24, 9:00am

Dads and fatherhood take center stage in this collection of films, with equal measures of love and frustration and a side of dad joke vibes. Read More

Amazing Animation | June 24, 9:45am

A unique collection of animated films that run the gamut – from moving, hilarious, and strange – and always visually evocative. Read More

Codes of Conduct | June 24, 10:30am

A collection of films about the rules of behavior we all follow and the funny and disturbing consequences of breaking from them. Read More

Sundrenched | June 24, 1:00pm

Embrace the summer spirit with these warm-weather films replete with poolside drama, fleeting romance, and scorching holidays. Read More

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