• Public Spaces, Private Lives

Hidden desires and private aspirations come to light in this selection of intimate shorts. Who we are isn’t always how we present ourselves.

Short Films

It's All the Salt's Fault

While narrating the stories behind her family photos, the youngest daughter in a family of sloths reveals the truths behind the images.

In competition for Best Animated Short.

Max Is Bleeding

Courtney is on the way to the vet with her boyfriend and injured dog Max, but something’s wrong. Her strange demeanor raises the question: is Max the only one who needs help?

In competition for Best Student U.S. Short.


In an isolated coastal town, where everyone knows everyone, Eliza works shifts at the local fish factory while her fisherman dad goes out to sea. After an apparent accident, rumours start spreading and Eliza's relationship with her father is put to the test.

In competition for Best Student International Short and Young Cineastes Award.

There's Cake

Marina is surrounded by food, and it also occupies many of her passing thoughts. Today is Saint John's Day, and the hottest and longest day of the summer. Her mother has baked a chocolate cake to celebrate.

In competition for Best International Short.


Camilo, a teenage rower from a traditional pier in Xochimilco, is secretly exploring his sexual desires with another man. When he believes that fellow rower Beto has discovered his secret, he goes to confront him.

In competition for Best LGBT+ Short.

What We Don’t Know About Mariam

Bleeding and suffering from a severe pain in her abdomen, Mariam goes to the hospital with her family. After the medical examination tensions escalate between Mariam and her husband.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes.

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