• Opening Night

The movies are back! Enjoy a welcome return to the theater as we bring you some of our favorite shorts of the year.

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Short Films


A lonely fisherman desperate to raise money for an operation finds hope in the injured goldfinch he nurses back to health and enters into a local contest.

In competition for Best International Short.

Break In

What’s more embarrassing than writing erotic fiction about your crush? Writing erotic fiction about your crush and then accidentally texting it to her. When this very thing happens to Nousha she enlists the help of her best friend Oliver, and they set out on a mission to delete the text. By any means necessary.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes, Best Comedy Short, and Best LGBT+ Short.


A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session. But he’s not the only one who needs help.

In competition for Best Comedy Short.

Don vs Lightning

All Don wants is a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately the universe has other plans.

In competition for Local Jury Award and Best Comedy Short.

Just Hold On

Mutton Bustin’ champion, 7-year-old Marlie McDonald was born with an agresive brain tumor and spent her first few years in hospitals. A true symbol of resilience and vigor, fearless Marlie is today in long-term survival care and insists on riding sheep in her free time.

In competition for Best Documentary Short.


Snowy the turtle has lived an isolated life in the family basement for the past 10+ years with minimal sunlight and no companionship other than that of his primary caretaker, Uncle Larry. In an effort to improve their pet turtle's life, the family asks—is Snowy happy?

In competition for Best Comedy Short and Best Documentary Short.

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