• Growing Pains

Growing up is hard to do but makes for great stories in this collection of coming-of-age shorts.

Short Films


After his father gets into a fight at a bowling alley, Darious begins to investigate the limitations of his own manhood.

In competition for Best of the Festival Award and Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under.


Together with her mother and her half-sister, nine-year-old Bo moves to the countryside. Slightly bored in the new environment of fields and farms, the sisters look forward to the weekend when their fathers come to pick them up. Bo's father, however, doesn’t show up time and time again.

In competition for Best International Short.

Like Flying

A young Chinese-American girl navigating her childhood through her parents' broken relationship is surprised by an unexpected visitor.

In competition for Best U.S. Short.


When 15-year-old Nova brings her little sister Ivy to soccer practice, Ivy’s new trainer Nadia tells them that Ivy cannot train any more until her membership fee has been paid. When Nadia puts a comforting hand on Nova’s shoulder, Nova gets overwhelmed with a feeling she has never had before.

In competition for Best LGBT+ Short.


Excluded from school following her loss of hearing, a young Kurdish girl feels increasingly ostracized in a village that lacks the resources to accommodate her condition.

In competition for Best International Short.


Two childhood friends ditch school during their senior year. What starts as a day of teenage frivolity ends with them making sense of their waning days, and friendship, in California's San Gabriel Valley.

In competition for Best U.S. Short.

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