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Short Films

Club Quarantine

Every night during the Covid-19 lockdown, hundreds of people from around the world gather in a massive queer dance party known as "Club Quarantine."

In competition for Best Student Documentary Short and Best LGBT+ Short.


Itamar, a chubby and depressed young man, returns to live with his eccentric mother after suffering a mental breakdown. Old tensions about his sexual orientation arise after he meets Ronen, a handsome lifeguard who leads him to confront his body image issues.

In competition for Best LGBT+ Short.


Charles explores the gray areas of his own sexuality after going through an unexpected breakup.

In competition for Best Comedy Short and Best LGBT+ Short.

God's Daughter Dances

Shin-mi, a vivacious trans dancer, enlists in military service. On the day of her examination, with all eyes on her, she defiantly enters a new kind of limelight.

In competition for Best LGBT+ Short.

Of Hearts and Castles

A man struggling emotionally after a breakup meets another man for one night. A few hours together ease their emotions and create a momentum that will stay with them forever.

In competition for Best LGBT+ Short and Best U.S. Short.

Stanley Stellar: Here for This Reason

Nearly 50 years of the gay community’s ever-changing face, told by the man daring enough to photograph it all, Stanley Stellar.

In competition for Best LGBT+ Short.

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