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Whether you’ve ever felt like an outcast or not, you’ll be cheering these films about extreme couples, video store clerks, con artists, and more! Eccentrics, weirdos, nerds, and animals dressed as people, we celebrate you!

Short Films

Cherry Cola

When Sherri gets arrested for shoplifting from work, she needs to find money for legal fees. Opportunity strikes, and his name is Tom.

In competition for Best Comedy Short.

Endless Video

A group of well intentioned but hopelessly flawed film enthusiasts struggle to save their beloved video store from extinction.

In competition for Best Student U.S. Short.

Love Hurts

When Sam, a shy teenage girl, meets Troy, a boy whose "superpower" is not feeling pain or fear, they share an instant and passionate connection. How far will she lose herself in his world of street fighting for love... and is she even losing herself?

In competition for Best International Short.

The Other Morgan

When a happy young exterminator discovers there's a better version of herself out in the world, she begins to question the life she has chosen.

In competition for Best Comedy Short.

The Voice in Your Head

Dan spends his every waking hour tortured by the negative voice in his head, until he learns something shocking that allows him to break free.

In competition for Best Comedy Short.

Wolf in Dude's Clothing

A starving wolf finds the skin of a man and uses it to join society.

In competition for Best Comedy Short and Best Midnight Short.

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