• Getting it On

A selection of films about love, sex and everything in between. This one’s got a little steam.

Short Films

8007 Marina Apartment

Situated in a small arctic Norwegian city, a group of friends has different approaches for reaching fame—throwing them into a maelstrom of betrayal and unhealthy competition.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under.

Are You Still Watching?

Fantasy and reality merge when the perpetually horny Jamie endulges in queer delusions involving their favorite television characters. When they recount their erotic encounters to their physician Dr. Holland Taylor, they receive an unusual diagnosis.

In competition for Best Comedy Short and Best LGBT+ Short.

Hector's Woman

In 2018, a year after the landfall of Hurricane María, a young mother attempts to find herself as she wrestles with her responsibilities to her daughter and incarcerated husband.

In competition for Best of the Festival Award and Best Student U.S. Short.


Breezes of desire permeate daily rehabilitation routines when a new relationship develops between Orr, a 30-year-old wheelchair user, and her new physiotherapist.

In competition for Best Student International Short.

A Period Piece

Geetha, an uptight Indian-American woman, finally has sex but things quickly turn messy when period blood stains her pristine couch and a fight erupts mid-coitus, causing her pent-up feelings to spill over.

In competition for Best U.S. Short.

Private Photos

Young couple Rafa and Matheus face the excitement and weirdness of having a third person enter their sexual partnership. When he finally arrives at the apartment, the foundation of their relationship is shaken to its very core.

In competition for Best of the Festival Award and Best LGBT+ Short.

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