• G'day!

    77 minutes | Camelot Theatres

Live action and animated narratives offering a survey of contemporary filmmaking from this multifaceted, sunburned country.

Short Films

An Act of Love

A close bond between two identical twins is tested when one sister rebels against their shared sense of oneness.

Black Lips

A reserved Chinese immigrant leads a life of solitary routine, selling black market abalone and avoiding personal connections. A venture to the coast in search of his supplier leads him down unexplored roads and to a new understanding of himself.

Eye Contact

In the future you’ll still be able to meet someone in a bar, but will you be able to connect?

Lost Property Office

In this astonishingly detailed and absorbing animation, the solitary custodian of a city transit center’s lost property office finds new purpose for himself and the items in his care.

Red Ink

Convinced he's on a mission for Stalin, Gideon tries to purchase some special biscuits for the dictator; when other shoppers delay him, Gideon's frustration explodes.


A widowed hunter and single father in the Australian Outback finds himself deeply in debt and falling deeper into depression. His oldest son begins to realize his father may be running out of options.

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Running Time: 77 minutes

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