• Art Attack

    80 minutes | Camelot Theatres

Films that prove the only common trait for artists is their inability to be common.

Short Films

The Artist Has a Baby

The male genius disappears into another world of creativity and inspiration. He sits isolated from the world for days and through pain creates the perfect Art. But what happens to the artist when the Art’s body starts working for someone else, someone much bigger?

Bordalo II: A Life of Waste

Portrait of a Portuguese street artist Arthur Bordalo who aims to highlight the extent of our wastefulness and the impact it has on our environment through his "Trach Animals" sculptures.

Dieter Not Unhappy

Dieter, a cranky, internationally renowned publisher of fine art books, unapologetically prioritizes work over interpersonal relationships. Will the prodding of an insightful photographer and a changing of the guard in his personal and printing spheres be enough to liberate him from his hyper professional routines?

I Have Something to Tell You

A fine arts photographer employs his craft to heal old wounds and ease his anxiety about sharing his HIV/AIDS diagnosis with friends and family, creating an acclaimed portrait series in the process.

Rebuilding in Miniature

Ali Alamedy, an Iraqi artist living in Turkey, creates detailed miniature scenes of places he has imagined but never been.

Unfinished, 2017 (Mixed media)

Living in her studio and pushed to the brink by forces financial and personal, an artist has to face her greatest fear and decide if she can continue making art.

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Running Time: 80 minutes

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