• The Last Movie Star

    Directed by Adam Rifkin
    US | 94 minutes | Closing Night


Closing Night Screening Only at Camelot Theatre. Does not include reception.


An invitation from a film festival affords an elderly movie star a trip down memory lane that stirs his long-dormant heart. An octogenarian Burt Reynolds shares scenes with his ’70s-era self and delivers a resonant performance in this poignant, often funny drama.

film synopsis

"Fact or fiction?" moments abound as an octogenarian movie star (Burt Reynolds) travels to Nashville to accept a film festival lifetime achievement award. Like the man who plays him, Vic Edwards was a college football star and sexy 1970s action hero. The echoes of that reality add a layer of emotional weight as Edwards revisits old haunts with his reluctant driver Lil (Ariel Winter). The trip down memory lane stirs Edwards' long-dormant heart while affording Lil a fresh perspective on this grumpy old man. Reynolds and Winter develop into an irresistible odd couple in this poignant, often funny evocation of fame's fleeting nature and the challenges of aging that doubles as a hilarious ode to DIY film festivals. 

With plenty of clips from Reynolds' storied career, including digitally enhanced scenes where the elderly actor shares the screen with his young self, The Last Movie Star is also a valentine to its leading man, who responds with a graceful, resonant performance.

film details

Director: Adam Rifkin
Producers: Brian Cavallaro, Neil Mandt, Adam Rifkin, Gordon Whitener
Screenwriter: Adam Rifkin
Cinematographers: Scott Winig
Editor: Dan Flesher
Music: Austin Wintory
Cast: Burt Reynolds, Ariel Winter, Chevy Chase, Clark Duke, Ellar Coltrane
Country: US
Language: English
Year: 2017
Running Time: 94 minutes

2018 Film Festival