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On the Job | Tuesday, 11:00 AM

From new hires to reluctant retirements and everything in between, punch in and enjoy these funny and fraught portraits of working life. Read More

Higher Ground | Tuesday, 11:30 AM

The spiritual, the metaphysical and the supernatural collide in this series of shorts exploring the power of faith, belief and ritual. Read More

Parables, Fantasies & Fables | Tuesday, 12:00 PM

Suspend belief and lose yourself in this selection of imaginative and otherworldly shorts. Read More

We Are the Champions | Tuesday, 2:00 PM

From bodybuilders to blind sportscasters to figure-skating bird people, these films about sports and athleticism reveal much about the value we place on competitiveness and personal achievement. Read More

Made for Each Other | Tuesday, 2:30 PM

Sometimes it is undeniable for both, sometimes it is only felt on one side, but the pull towards a person can feel like the only thing that makes sense in this world. Read More

Home is Where the Heart Is | Tuesday, 3:00 PM

Home is so much more than a dwelling. Home is our collective pasts, our memories, our loved ones and our shared hopes for a better future. Read More

Opening Night | Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Join us for an evening of celebration and cinema as we officially kick off the 30th edition of the festival, ShortFest style! Read More

Father Figures | Wednesday, 11:00 AM

Dads and fatherhood take center stage in this collection, showcasing the full spectrum of love, frustration, and cheesy jokes. Read More

Live & Learn | Wednesday, 11:30 AM

That's the bell! These shorts set in classrooms, hallways, and young minds prove what a difficult, worthy process it is to have lessons learned. Read More

A City Symphony | Wednesday, 12:00 PM

From London to Manhattan to Saigon, allow these films take you through the streets, sounds, and stories of metropolises real and imagined, historic and contemporary. Read More

Amazing Animation | Wednesday, 2:00 PM

A unique collection of animated films that run the gamut – from moving, hilarious, and strange – and always visually evocative. Read More

Public Spaces, Private Lives | Wednesday, 2:30 PM

How we present ourselves in public isn't always who we are in private. Personal secrets, hidden desires, and public personas clash in this selection of films. Read More

Alone Together | Wednesday, 3:00 PM

These shorts live in the distances from which we are able to reach one another. They remind us we are never alone - even if we are simply united in solitude. Read More

Dreams & Desires | Wednesday, 5:00 PM

In this collection of stories, we follow the emotional journeys of characters driven by their not-so-secret hopes and desires. Read More

In the Country | Wednesday, 5:30 PM

Follow this program into the countryside where a sense of place and the people within them crash together against beautiful rural backdrops. Read More

Sibling Stories | Wednesday, 6:00 PM

The bond between siblings is stronger than ever in this eclectic selection of shorts that oscillates between shenanigans and unconditional support, reminding us that blood is thicker than water. Read More

Getting It On | Wednesday, 8:00 PM

A selection of films about love, sex and everything in between. This one’s got a little steam. Read More

Art Attack | Thursday, 11:00 AM

Explore the transformative and provocative influence of art through an assortment of documentary, fiction, and animated short films celebrating the creative process and its ability to heal and challenge. Read More

Acts of Defiance | Thursday, 11:30 AM

With these films about facing adversity and holding firm against the powers that be, this program highlights the lengths some are willing to go to to fight for themselves, thier principles and others. Read More

Unbound Visions | Thursday, 12:00 PM

From surreal landscapes to abstract narratives and emotional excavations, experience the boundless creativity of filmmakers pushing the limits of storytelling and perception. Read More

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