Directed by Stephen Ujlaki | Co-Director: Chris Jones
    USA | 89 minutes | World Premiere | True Stories


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Film Festival 2024

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The forces tearing apart our democracy have never been more frightening or powerful, but who is actually behind them? Bad Faith exposes the sinister Christian Nationalism movement and shines a light on its unholy plan to upend the constitution and impose Biblical law on all Americans.

film details

Director: Stephen Ujlaki | Co-Director: Chris Jones
Producers: Stephen Ujlaki, Doug Blush | Executive Producers: Peter D. Graves, John Ptak, Mike Steed, Todd Stiefel
Screenwriter: Stephen Ujlaki, Chris Jones, Alec Baer
Cinematographers: Billy Yates, Pilar Timpane, Trevor May
Editor: Alec Baer, Chris Jones
Music: Lili Haydn, Jeremy Grody
Cast: Peter Coyote, Anne Nelson, William Barber, Lisa Sharon Harper, Steve Schmidt, Katherine Stewart
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2023
Running Time: 89 minutes
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Primary Company: Panarea Productions

Film Festival 2024