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The Damned Don’t Cry

Estranged from their extended family, a single mother and her teenage son subsist on the margins of Moroccan society. Destitute but determined, the pair hustles however they can to keep a roof over their heads. Read More

Running Time: 111

Decision to Leave

From the director of Oldboy and The Handmaiden comes a seductive, stylish neo-noir about a detective investigating a climber’s death, only to fall for the victim’s beguiling Chinese wife. Sleuth and suspect are ensnared in each other’s nets, plunging both into the tragic inevitability of love. This screening is free to AMPAS... Read More

Running Time: 138

Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous

A downtrodden Ethiopian maid and a handsome Syrian refugee who subsists on scavenging the streets of Beirut are the unlikely couple at the center of this quirky Lebanese drama that explores difficult circumstances with an unexpectedly light and humorous touch. Read More

Running Time: 83

Driving Madeleine

The amazing nonagenarian talent Line Renaud is incandescent as Madeleine, a tough broad with a hard-earned appreciation for friendship and life’s little pleasures. Over the course of a taxi ride through Paris with a stressed-out driver (comic legend Dany Boon) she changes his life. Read More

Running Time: 91


Hyper-macho Sergeant Major Eismayer is the most feared instructor in the Austrian Armed Forces. His fierce masculinity, however, is a protective shell that hides his true nature. When he falls for the the openly gay recruit Mario, his carefully constructed world is shattered. Read More

Running Time: 87

Freaks Out

In this deliriously different mashup of the superhero and Holocaust-film genres, four circus artistes with extra-special talents fall into the clutches of a Nazi impresario named Franz (Franz Rogowski) and must join forces to take down a common enemy. Read More

Running Time: 142

Greener Pastures

In this clever humanist comedy, a pensionless widower trapped in a nursing home against his will reinvents himself as a cannabis entrepreneur in an inspired attempt to buy back his family home. Read More

Running Time: 90

Gyeong-ah's Daughter

When Yeon-su spurns her ex-boyfriend’s advances, he texts their homemade sex tape to her loved ones, including her mother who was unaware she was in a relationship. Sent into hiding, Yeon-su must begin the process of reconnecting with her mother, who she soon discovers has secrets of her own. Read More

Running Time: 119

The Happiest Man in the World

Set during a day-long speed-dating event in the war-torn city of Sarajevo, 40-year-old Asje is matched with 43-year-old Zoran. As they participate in the activities, it gradually becomes clear that Zoran is not looking for love, but forgiveness. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current AMPAS membership... Read More

Running Time: 95

Haute Couture

On the precipice of retirement as Head Seamstress at the Dior Avenue Montaigne workshop, Esther (legendary French icon Nathalie Baye) is robbed by a young woman. But rather than turn her in to the police, Esther enlists the petty thief as her dressmaking protégé. Read More

Running Time: 119

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