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Mediterranean Fever

Frustrated would-be writer and stay-at-home dad Waleed's relatively quiet life in Haifa is turned upside down when the loud, crass and possibly criminal Jalal moves in next door. This blistering black comedy offers a fresh perspective on middle-class Palestinians grappling with the occupation. This screening is free to AMPAS... Read More

Running Time: 108

Melchior the Apothecary

From the director of 1944 (PSIFF 2016) comes this offbeat crime thriller set in medieval Tallinn. In addition to his skill in diagnosing illnesses and concocting medications, the handsome young apothecary Melchior has a knack for solving grisly murders. Read More

Running Time: 98

My Emptiness and I

In this searingly honest and emotionally raw coming-of-age story, French millennial dreamer Raphi struggles to find love, acceptance and her place in the world as she begins her gender transition in Barcelona. Read More

Running Time: 98

Next Sohee

In this scathing critique of corporate corruption, a high school student takes an internship at a call center where she is trained in the dark arts of persuading customers out of canceling their service. What she uncovers there is even more exploitative and dangerous than initially thought. Read More

Running Time: 135

No Bears

Prohibited from making work in his native Iran, acclaimed filmmaker Jafar Panahi goes to extreme lengths to direct a feature by proxy near the Turkish border. With both humor and pathos, Panahi exposes the draconian practices of the Islamic Republic in his latest ingenious work. Read More

Running Time: 106


In this taut, labyrinthine story of redemption, middle-aged Felice returns to his hometown in Naples for the first time in 40 years. There, he reunites with an old friend and must confront the lingering repercussions of a criminal past he thought he could outrun. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current... Read More

Running Time: 117

The Origin of Evil

In the tradition of Claude Chabrol’s sly, twisty thrillers, this suspenseful and blackly funny tale of family fortune and squabbling relatives follows an adult woman in a financial crisis attempting to reconnect with the obscenely wealthy father she barely knows. Read More

Running Time: 125

Our Father, the Devil

Working as head chef in a French retirement home, unassuming Marie has adjusted to life after a mysterious history she keeps secret. When an African priest arrives, Marie is convinced he is directly linked to her dark and tragic past, and goes to radical extremes to exact her revenge. Read More

Running Time: 108

Saint Omer

While researching for her next book, novelist Rama attends the trial of a woman on the stand for infanticide. As the accused makes her case, Rama begins to re-evaluate her relationship with her mother, as well as her own pregnancy, in filmmaker Alice Diop’s award-winning masterwork. This screening is free to AMPAS members who... Read More

Running Time: 123

Simone: Woman of the Century

In this moving biopic both intimate and monumental, the director of La Vie en Rose (PSIFF 2008) trains his eye on French feminist icon Simone Veil, whose hatred of injustice fueled by the death of her family in the Nazi camps turned her into a lifelong champion of human rights. Read More

Running Time: 140

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