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Where Life Begins

A group of ultra-Orthodox Jews from Aix-les-Bains travels to Calabria to harvest citrons for their Sukkot celebrations. Fatefully, the rabbi’s daughter and the farm owner both realize they are kindred souls bound by tradition and family, and long for self-realization. Read More

Running Time: 100

Winter Boy

After a sudden death in the family shatters the well-ordered life of 17-year-old Lucas (Paul Kircher in a starmaking debut), the teen flees to Paris. Full of lust and rage, Lucas hurls himself into sex with older men to process his grief. Read More

Running Time: 122

Without Her

Roya is planning to emigrate from Iran to Denmark with her husband, but after she meets and takes in a young woman in distress, she finds that the woman is not who she seems. Soon Roya's world and carefully laid plans are upended in this suspenseful psychological drama. Read More

Running Time: 111

The Word

In this tense drama set in small-town Czechoslovakia after the 1968 Soviet invasion, highly respected professional Václav resists joining the Communist Party, much to the detriment of his health and family life. Read More

Running Time: 104

World War III

A hapless day laborer finds himself cast in a film about the Nazi regime while hiding his girlfriend – a sex-worker fleeing her exploiters – on the set. Equal parts darkly comic and heart-wrenching, this brazen thriller won multiple awards at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their... Read More

Running Time: 107

You Won't Be Alone

In an isolated mountain village in 19th-century Macedonia, a curious young witch discovers life, love and death while inhabiting the bodies of her victims in this hauntingly poetic and moving treatise on what it means to be human. This screening is free to AMPAS members who show their current AMPAS membership card at our box... Read More

Running Time: 108

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