• Dirty Difficult Dangerous

    Directed by Wissam Charaf
    France/Italy/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia/Qatar | 83 minutes | North American Premiere | World Cinema Now

A downtrodden Ethiopian maid and a handsome Syrian refugee who subsists on scavenging the streets of Beirut are the unlikely couple at the center of this quirky Lebanese drama that explores difficult circumstances with an unexpectedly light and humorous touch.

film details

Director: Wissam Charaf
Producers: Charlotte Vincent, Katia Khazak, Marco Valerio Fusco, Micaela Fusco, Pierre Sarraf
Screenwriter: Wissam Charaf, Hala Dabaji, Mariette Désert
Cinematographers: Martin Rit
Editor: Clémence Diard
Music: Zeid Hamdan
Cast: Clara Couturet, Ziad Jallad, Rifaat Tarabey, Darina Al Joundi, Ghina Daou, Rami Fadel, Adam Alothman
Original Language Title: قذر وصعب وخطير
Country: France/Italy/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia/Qatar
Language: In Arabic and Amharic with English subtitles
Year: 2022
Running Time: 83 minutes
Premiere Status: North American Premiere
Director Filmography: Tombé du ciel (2016)
Primary Company: Intramovies
Contact Email: maria@intramovies.com


MOZAIK Bridging the Borders Award 

Film Festival 2023