• The Ice King

    Directed by James Erskine
    UK | 89 minutes | Queer Cinema Today

John Curry, the first openly gay figure skater, transformed the sport with his revolutionary, gold-medal winning merger of balletic grace and athletic prowess. The Ice King is a moving tribute to a complex, driven and astonishing talent.


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film synopsis

John Curry revolutionized male figure skating, fusing balletic grace with astounding athletic prowess. The night he won Olympic gold in 1976, he became the first openly gay skater in the sport, coming out when homosexual acts were still illegal in his native England. With a treasure trove of archival footage and access to his intimate letters, The Ice King is a moving and deep portrait of this complex, driven perfectionist. Growing up in working-class Birmingham, Curry’s father forbade him to pursue ballet, but skating was acceptable because it was a sport. Curry reinvented it and created a theater company on ice, bringing his elaborate stage shows to the West End and Broadway. Yet, subject to deep depressions, Curry’s search for artistic perfection often left him isolated and lonely. Director James Erskine’s nuanced portrait does full justice to this courageous, remarkable man.

film details

Country: UK
Year: 2018
Running Time: 89 minutes
Language: English
Director: James Erskine
Producers: James Erskine, Victoria Gregory
Primary Company: Dogwoof
Cinematographers: Paul Williams
Editor: Stephen Parkinson
Music: Stuart Hancock
Screenwriter: James Erskine
Website: https://dogwoofsales.com/theiceking

guests in attendance

Choreographer Nathan Birch

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