• The Guilty

    Directed by Gustav Möller
    Denmark | 85 minutes | FLOS: Foreign Language Oscar Submissions

In the year’s most heart-pounding 85 minutes in cinema, a sidelined Danish police officer desperately attempts to thwart an alleged kidnapping, and worse, all from the confines of his frustratingly limited emergency call center desk in this ingenious, nail-biting thriller.


January 14, 2019 5:00 PM   Tickets not available
Tickets not available

film synopsis

Prank calls, lonely drunks, and the like are the norm for irritated Danish police officer Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren) after he is forcibly assigned to his department’s emergency call center following a disputed incident in the field. Yet when the muffled, terror-stricken whispers of a kidnapped woman trapped in a speeding car reach his desk, the obstinate Asger answers the call of duty with little regard for protocol. The hotheaded cop finds only cold shoulders when he attempts to enlist the aid of patrol cars outside his jurisdiction and must take matters into his own hands. As the events of the evening unfold in striking real time, every grave drone of the dial tone might signal a fatal end to the nightmare that Asger has found himself immersed in — and possibly made worse. Grounded by Cedergren’s gripping performance, co-writer/director Gustav Möller smartly crafts a pure, white-knuckle thrill ride unlike anything seen or heard this year.

In competition for the FIPRESCI Award.

film details

Country: Denmark
Year: 2017
Running Time: 85 minutes
Language: in Danish with English subtitles (deaf-friendly)
Director: Gustav Möller
Producers: Lina Flint
Principal Cast: Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Johan Olsen, Omar Shargawi
Primary Company: Magnolia Pictures
Cinematographers: Jasper J. Spanning
Editor: Carla Luffe
Music: Carl Coleman, Caspar Hesselager
Screenwriter: Gustav Möller, Emil Nygaard Albertsen

guests in attendance

Director Gustav Möller will be in attendance January 7 and 8.

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