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    Directed by Jeffrey Walker
    Australia | 106 minutes | Queer Cinema Today

Set in Sydney in the 1970s, this rousing drama takes us behind the scenes of the struggle for LGBTQ rights that culminated in the watershed and violent Mardi Gras celebration that became Australia’s Stonewall. It’s the Aussie When We Rise.


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film synopsis

Australia's "Stonewall" moment came on June 24, 1978, when gays and lesbians in Sydney took to the streets for a joyful Mardi Gras celebration that was met with brutal police repression. Riot, Jeffrey Walker's rousing and irreverent drama, shows us the events that led to this watershed moment in Australian LGBTQ history. A wonderful cast, led by Damon Herriman as the brash and fearless activist Lance Gowland, and Xavier Samuel as the handsome, closeted doctor he falls in love with, takes us back to those heady, hormonal early days of self-discovery and resistance: the stormy love affairs, the rowdy political meetings filled with fierce ideological infighting, the painful court battle a lesbian couple wages for custody of their kids. Like the ABC television series When We Rise, Riot pays tribute to the pioneers who paved the way - and paid a price - for their freedom.

film details

Country: Australia
Year: 2017
Running Time: 106 minutes
Language: English
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Producers: Louise Smith, Joanna Werner
Principal Cast: Damon Herriman, Kate Box, Xavier samuel, Jessica De Gouw, Josh Quong Tart
Primary Company: Werner Film Productions
Cinematographers: Martin McGrath
Editor: Geoffrey Lamb
Music: David Hirschfelder
Screenwriter: Greg Waters

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