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    Making Montgomery Clift

    Directed by Robert A. Clift, Hillary Demmon
    USA | 88 minutes | The Gay!La

Armed with a treasure trove of private archival material, Montgomery Clift’s nephew delightfully and convincingly upends the myth of Clift as a tragic, self-loathing gay man whose career was shattered in a car accident. Meet the real Monty Clift!


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film synopsis

We think we know everything about Montgomery Clift, the self-destructive Holllywood icon, tortured about his homosexuality, whose career never recovered from the car crash that ruined his beautiful face. Now Clift’s nephew, armed with a treasure trove of private recordings made by Clifts’s older brother Brook, turns the tabloid myth on its head. Funny, irreverent, and independent (he refused to sign any studio contracts, and turned down roles in East of Eden and The Bridge on the River Kwai), and open about his affairs with both men and women, the Clift who emerges in this eye-opening portrait upends all our preconceived notions about his life. Featuring candid interviews with his lovers, great home movies and movie clips, and an interview with biographer Patricia Bosworth (whose bleak, best-selling book this movie seeks to undermine), Making Montgomery Clift is a must-see for movie aficionados.

film details

Country: USA
Year: 2018
Running Time: 88 minutes
Director: Robert A. Clift, Hillary Demmon
Producers: Robert A. Clift, Hillary Demmon
Principal Cast: Montgomery Clift, Brooks Clift, Patricia Bosworth, Jack Larson, Judy Balaban, Lorenzo James
Primary Company: The Film Collaborative
Cinematographers: Robert A. Clift
Editor: Hillary Demmon
Music: Anthony Taddeo
Screenwriter: Robert A. Clift, Hillary Demmon
Website: http://www.thefilmcollaborative.org/films/makingmontgomeryclift

director biography

ROBERT CLIFT Robert Clift, Ph.D. is a documentarian and cinema studies scholar. He has produced and directed three documentaries, including two nationally broadcast PBS films, Blacking Up: Hip-Hop's Remix of Race and Identity (2010) and Stealing Home: The Case of Contemporary Cuban Baseball (2001). He is an Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, where he also serves as director of the Film and Media Production Track. HILLARY DEMMON Hillary Demmon is a Pittsburgh-based documentarian and President of Limbic Productions, Inc. She directed and edited Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages (2012). In addition to documentary feature work, she provides a range of consulting and production/post-production services to commercial clients. She is passionate about advocacy and has partnered with labor unions to make films addressing human rights and worker justice. She has taught digital storytelling and media production at Georgetown University and Southern Oregon University.

guests in attendance

Directors Robert A. Clift and Hillary Demmon

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