• Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Directed by Bi Gan
    China/France | 140 minutes | World Cinema Now


3D film | 3D glasses will be distributed at theater

In the year’s most stunning cinematic achievement, a man returns to the rain-soaked streets of his hometown searching for a mysterious woman and traces of his bloody past before he is lost in a mesmerizing dream, captured in one, breathtaking 3D take.


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film synopsis

Fragmented bursts of pained memories echo through the mind of Luo (Huang Jue) as he wanders the seedy back alleys and streets of Kalil in wunderkind filmmaker Bi Gan’s monumental neo-noir. After discovering a hidden photograph in his late father’s home, Luo is determined to find a woman from his past as he recalls the tragic death of a childhood friend. Each street corner elicits a glimpse into Luo’s past as Gan (Kalil Blues, 2015) invites the audience to immerse themselves in a hypnotic cinematic reverie; never sure what is real, a memory, or a dream. Just as it seems that the coming daylight will bring answers, a cinema marquee beckons Luo inside. As Luo drifts off into the unknown, Gan astounds with a one-hour, miles traversing 3D take that will be interpreted for years to come. An absolutely stunning foray into dreamy aesthetics and mood, Long Day’s Journey into Night will linger in the soul even as, like Luo laments, the memory rusts.

In competition for the Rick Jay Magic of Cinema Award.

film details

Original Language Title: Di qiu zui hou de ye wan
Country: China/France
Year: 2018
Running Time: 140 minutes
Language: in Mandarin with English subtitles
Display Format: 3D
Director: Bi Gan
Producers: Shan Zuolong, Charles Gillibert, Yeh Jufeng, Li Xiaonan, Zhang Guanren
Principal Cast: Tang Wei, Sylvia Chang, Lee Hong-Chi, Zeng Meihuizi, Huang Jue
Primary Company: Kino Lorber
Cinematographers: Dong Jinsong, Yao Hung-I, David Chizallet
Editor: Qin Yanan
Music: Lim Giong, Point Hsu
Screenwriter: Bi Gan

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