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    Ghost Fleet

    Directed by Shannon Service, Jeffrey Waldron
    USA | 90 minutes | True Stories

The next time you order a filet of exotic fish in a restaurant, spare a thought for the thousands of men enslaved on Indonesian fishing vessels that overfish international waters. One indomitable woman and her small team work to free these slaves and bring them home.


January 14, 2019 5:30 PM Mary Pickford is D'Place Tickets not available
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film synopsis

In this atmospheric documentary, one of the lesser known horrors of the international fishing industry operating out of Indonesia — that they capture free men as slaves, often for years at a time — is exposed. One indomitable woman, a cancer survivor named Patima Tungpuchayakul, searches for these men, returning them home to Thailand, Burma, and other places after years of high-seas enslavement. She and her small organization help the men sue for back wages they’re owed, and win these cases against all odds. With no thought for her own safety, Patima and her crew rent a boat in Indonesia, seek out the captured men and confront illegal fishing boat crews. She and her team are steadfast in their desire to bring the workers back, or at least connect them with long-lost family through social media. Even Thailand’s president takes notice of their efforts to eliminate slavery and return these “lost” men to freedom.

In competition for the Schlesinger Documentary Award.

film details

Director: Shannon Service, Jeffrey Waldron
Producers: Jon Bowermaster, Shannon Service
Cinematographers: Basil Childers, Lucas Gath, Jeffrey Waldron, Alejandro Wilkins
Editor: Parker Laramie
Music: Mark Degli Antoni
Country: USA
Language: in English, Burmese, Thai and Khmer with English subtitles
Year: 2018
Running Time: 90 minutes
Primary Company: Vulcan Productions/Seahorse Productions
Website: http://www.vulcanproductions.com/ghostfleet

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Director Shannon Service

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