• Diamantino

    Directed by Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
    Portugal/France/Brazil | 92 minutes | Queer Cinema Today

Disgraced after a disastrous showing at the 2018 World Cup, Portuguese superstar Diamantino sets off on a quest for personal redemption, only to wind up ensnared in a series of misadventures involving a pair of conniving twin sisters, a right-wing conspiracy and the global refugee crisis in this outrageous, gender-bending satire.


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film synopsis

After blowing his team’s chances at the 2018 World Cup, Portuguese soccer icon Diamantino retreats in shame to his palatial home. Bereft of purpose and desperate to atone for his act of national humiliation, he decides to adopt an African refugee youth in a naive attempt to reinject meaning into his shattered life. While awaiting the arrival of his new son, he becomes the unwitting victim of a government tax investigation, a neo-fascist plot to seize power, and the daily machinations of his cartoonishly villainous twin sisters. In their typically ribald and transgressive style, directors Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt lampoon many aspects of society in the film, from gender politics to Brexit. Combining Super-16 cinematography, lowbrow humor and an embrace of amateurism too few of their contemporaries are willing to emulate, Abrantes and Schmidt render Diamantino a lyrical satire offering a wry critique of our increasingly absurd present-day culture.

In competition for the CV Cine and New Voices New Visions Award.

film details

Country: Portugal/France/Brazil
Year: 2018
Running Time: 92 minutes
Language: in Portugese with English subtitles
Director: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Producers: Justin Taurand, Maria João Mayer, Daniel van Hoogstraten
Principal Cast: Carloto Cotta, Cleo Tavares, Anabela Moreira, Margarida Moreira, Carla Maciel, Chico Chapas, Hugo Santos, Silva Joana, Barrios Filipe, Vargas maria Leite, Manuela Moura Guedes, Djucu Dabó
Primary Company: Kino Lorber
Cinematographers: Charles Ackley Anderson
Editor: Raphaëlle Martin­Holger, Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Music: Ulysse Klotz, Adriana Holtz
Screenwriter: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

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