Virtual Best of Fest List 2023

Virtual Best of Fest will be available for viewing starting July 7th at 12am through July 13th 11:59pm. 

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Sarah, a young Ukrainian girl, discovers an orphaned baby Siberian tiger and realizes she must either raise him or leave him to the perils of the snowy wild. Read More

Running Time: 28

Mystic Tiger

After suffering a mysterious accident, a man acquires the ability to traverse time and space. However, the unbridled use of this gift will inevitably lead him to discover the true reason behind his power. Read More

Running Time: 15


An Asian-American girl stands up to her racist bully armed with a Chinese Demon Mask and the Nian, a mythological creature that eats bad kids. Meet the filmmakers: Read More

Running Time: 6

Pennies From Heaven

Two identical twins stumble upon a pickup truck filled with pennies, sending them on an absurd farcical adventure through the middle of nowhere that only lands them right back where they started. Read More

Running Time: 11


An ex-offender struggling with new freedom pursues redemption at all costs when given a job from his neighbor. Meet the filmmaker: Read More

Running Time: 20

Soleil de nuit

While training in an abandoned mine for an important mission to the moon, a crew of Canadian astronauts is interrupted by an Atikamekw elder. He agrees to leave on one condition: the astronauts must deliver a sacred message to the spirits of his community on the moon. Meet the filmmakers: Read More

Running Time: 13

Still Waters

A daughter asks her mother a question about her mother’s childhood. Her answer begs them to wade through its rippling effects throughout their lives. Read More

Running Time: 12

SULAM (Ladder)

When an immigrant teen must help her mother buy a ladder before school, tensions of belonging in a new country bubble to the surface. Meet the filmmaker: Read More

Running Time: 11


For almost half a century, Don Ritchie would approach people contemplating suicide at the edge of a cliff 100 feet from his home. Reconciling the suicide of his best friend, Don’s surreal interactions with suicidal individuals asks: Can a simple act of kindness save a life? Read More

Running Time: 7

The Newt Congress

For years now, giant talking newts have been used for their labor and as laboratory animals. Participants are gathered at The Newt Congress to optimize the exploitation of the animals in this adaptation of Karel Čapek's "War with the Newts". Read More

Running Time: 16

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