Virtual Best of Fest List 2023

Virtual Best of Fest will be available for viewing starting July 7th at 12am through July 13th 11:59pm. 

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Death to the Bikini!

Lili, 10-year-old, rebels when her parents force her to wear a bikini top, even though she has always swam topless. Meet the filmmaker: Read More

Running Time: 16


An unconventional field biologist wages a high-tech war against ravens in the Mojave — think laser cannons, exploding tortoises, and autonomous drones — in a last-ditch effort to save the desert tortoise from extinction. Read More

Running Time: 17

Endless Sea

Carol, 70, just discovered her heart medication has doubled in price. She hustles to find money, attempting to borrow from her weary family, and pleading with Social Security for assistance. Desperate and reeling, she takes matters into her own hands. Read More

Running Time: 19


Allie, a distracted personal assistant, frantically prepares for her boss’s birthday party through a blur of gridlocked parking garages and fast-casual salad chains on a desperate quest to achieve a single thing that she initially set out to do. Read More

Running Time: 13

I See Them Bloom

Sisters Eugenia and Nastya are warmly welcomed in Munich after fleeing Ukraine. While Nastya tries to enjoy her new life, Eugenia struggles to adjust while there‘s war at home and worries that Nastya is becoming a stranger to her. Meet the Filmmaker: Read More

Running Time: 27


Joana longs for her first period. Her brother Dudu yearns for his absent father. With the arrival of a mysterious guest, both will find out that fulfilling your dreams is possible, but may not come without a price. Read More

Running Time: 24

Invasive Species

A young Asian American sound artist grapples with her impostor syndrome as it takes on new extremes at her first artist's residency. Read More

Running Time: 13


Ivalu is gone. Her little sister is desperate to find her. Her father does not care. The vast Greenlandic nature holds secrets. The search for Ivalu is on. Read More

Running Time: 16

Kaamoksen Valossa

Antti, a musher from Northern Finland, loves his sled dogs and way of life. When he’s advised to quit he has to decide what he’s willing to risk for his freedom. Meet the filmmaker: Read More

Running Time: 27


While waiting for his girlfriend to join him in the calm and quiet countryside, city dweller Marc gradually falls prey to the assault of sounds not usually heard. Meet the filmmaker: Read More

Running Time: 13

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