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    The Spyglass

    Directed by Malin Erixon
    Sweden | 9 minutes | International Premiere | The Kids Are Alright

Feeling ignored and forgotten by her parents, 10-year-old Eden creates a secret escape in the garden where, using two empty toilet paper rolls, she constructs a spyglass, which she soon discovers is magical.

film details

Director: Malin Erixon
Producers: Malin Erixon
Screenwriter: Malin Erixon
Cinematographers: Malin Erixon | Animator: Malin Erixon
Editor: Malin Erixon, Johan Ribe
Music: Christofer Ahde
Original Language Title: Kikaren
Country: Sweden
Language: No Dialogue
Year: 2022
Running Time: 9 minutes
Premiere Status: International Premiere
Primary Company: Ganzanderes Animation
Contact Email: malin@ganzanderes.com
Website: http://www.ganzanderes.com/kikaren/


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