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Suspend belief and lose yourself in this selection of imaginative, unearthly shorts.

Short Films

Creatures of the Night

Tormented by insomnia, the citizens of Athens will experience a rare sighting of an elusive creature rumored to roam the streets at night.

Stained Skin

Inside the halls of a dystopian textile factory, two young workers escape their harsh reality into the fantasies of a fairy tale.

Life Is a Particle Time Is a Wave

A widowed watchmaker nearing his demise, spends his remaining days tending to routines, chores and pastimes all while closely watching the clock tick, tick, tick...

My Grandmother's Dream

An immigrant grandmother’s dream foretells the disappearance of her granddaughter.

Rest in Piece

Midyan is on the run from his war-torn country. His unbearable hunger forces him to start eating his beloved possessions. The side effects are monstrous but keep him going.

Five Cents

A consumer finds himself in over his head after a string of purchases goes out of control.

Girl in the Water

A woman’s mind wafts in and out of memory as she attempts to heal her broken heart while repairing a hole in the wall.

Don't Go Where I Can't Find You

Margaret is an internationally renowned composer who witnesses the violent accidental death of her partner, and becomes convinced her spirit is still within the house. In the search for an answer, she composes a suite of new music to drive the specter out from the shadows.


A surrealist journey through a woman's love-hate relationship with her breasts, her body, her femininity.

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