• Naked Men in the Woods

    Directed by Paul Ploberger
    Austria | 30 minutes | U.S. Premiere | Gayla!

They have a complicated marriage: She has a tumor, he is gay, and neither knows the other’s secret. When he arranges a date involving bizarre role-play, she spies on him, firmly believing that he is having an affair with a younger woman. The chase is on...

film details

Director: Paul Ploberger
Producers: Jakob Widmann, Irma Sperl
Screenwriter: Paul Ploberger, Benjamin Kornfeld
Cinematographers: Patrick Wally | Animator: Felix Pichler
Editor: Barbara Seidler
Music: Daniel Castoral
Cast: Angelika Niedetzky, David Oberkogler, Julia Edtmeier, Benjamin Kornfeld, Stefano Bernardin, Werner Aljoscha Wultsch, Luca von Schrader
Original Language Title: Nackte Männer im Wald
Country: Austria
Language: in German with English subtitles
Year: 2022
Running Time: 30 minutes
Premiere Status: U.S. Premiere
Website: https://www.filmakademie.wien/de/film/nackte-maenner-im-wald/

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