• Friends Like These

We can’t always choose the members of our social circles. Unconventional pals and disrespected boundaries loom large in this collection of films.

Short Films

Free Men

Two best friends get in trouble with their jobs which forces them to rethink how they want to live their lives.

Kill Me Daddy

Maya preps for a date with James, but when she shares his profile with her roommates, they recognize him as an accused murderer from a true-crime podcast. Afraid to back out, Maya agrees to go on a hike with James, and her roommates follow close behind.


Jake (Matt Zone) loses everything to the electric scooter takeover of San Francisco. In a scooter-destroying rage, Jake stumbles upon Scooty (Riley Olson)—a sentient robot made of discarded scooters. Does he destroy the mode of transportation he hates the most and lose his newfound best friend in the process?

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

A meddling twink brings his friends to the desert for a reckoning on his 25th birthday.

The Event

At 2 a.m., Vince enters his best buddy Jack’s bedroom with a simple question, and sparks the most contentious debate of their entire friendship.

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