• Crossroads

The protagonists of the films in this program all stand at a critical juncture, facing pivotal decisions and life-altering events.

Short Films


When two young skateboarders decide to go to a party, their evening gets complicated.


After sharing a sexy dance video, Zara is blackmailed. Shame and fear turn to paranoia. In a society where women are not allowed to have any kind of desire, will Zara give in to her tormentor’s increasing demands or will she set herself free?


Khadiga, a young mother, lives alone with her baby after her husband leaves for work in a remote city. On an ordinary day, as she makes her way through the bustling streets of Cairo, she feels a growing discomfort with her surroundings.


Intrigued and inspired by an unexpected encounter with an older neighbor, Leila spends her last days in the suburbs exploring her identity through nude photography. As she faces her transition to adulthood, Leila is confronted with her changing relationship to her best friend Cassy.

Dear Mama...

The unexpected death of rapper 2Pac draws different reactions from a father and his young artistic daughter, forcing them to confront the emotional aftermath of their own tragedy.

2022 ShortFest