• Codes of Conduct

The unwritten rules of society can exasperate and confuse at every turn. From a sidewalk transgression to a hierarchical boarding school, these shorts examine how we follow—and break—prescribed norms.


Short Films


A young man’s unwillingness to let go of his feelings after a trivial encounter leads him to seek retribution.


An intimate evening between a film director and an escort is disrupted when a familiar face arrives.

Help Me Mary

Mary, a hospice nurse who has lost all sense of compassion, rediscovers her call to care in the most unlikely way: through a dead possum.


Kate succumbs to a mysterious disorder and stumbles upon a group that claims to treat this disorder.

All the Crows in the World

Eighteen-year-old Shengnan Zhao enters an adventure in the adults' world.

The Swarmers

After breaking a popular classmate’s nose on her first day at a new boarding school, misfit Karla is ordered to take care of the school’s beehive. Although the task is initially punitive, Karla begins to identify more and more with the bees.

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