• Close-Ups

These documentary portraits evince cinema’s remarkable ability to imbue the biographical with great intimacy and nuance.

Short Films


After Tim’s work-related stroke leads to troubling signs of memory loss, his son Michael returns home to Montana. As they spend more time together than they have since Michael’s childhood, they reckon with Tim’s past.

Imagine a Body

Trans men reflect on taking testosterone. The body expands to a new realm of possibility.

Seven Hundred Fifty-Six

Leah Faria, on her 756th day away from a life sentence in prison, battles the anxieties of parole and the tireless efforts of working across New York City, replenishing PPE kits for bustling restaurants and eerily unoccupied theaters.

The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Jeremy Sicile-Kira uses painting as a mechanism by which to transcend his disability and communicate his dreams to others.


For Georgina, an Indigenous transgender woman, life in the desert is lonely and cruel. In her small village, no one understands who she is.


A young pregnant woman, fleeing for safety, finds herself trapped in dire conditions in a dangerous U.S.-Mexico border town, just weeks before she's supposed to give birth.

My Mom's Eggplant Sauce

Filmmaker Shaina Feinberg’s mom, Mary, had an abusive relationship with her own mother. She also happens to make a delicious eggplant ragout. Shaina explores the connection between this recipe and a traumatic experience related to Mary’s first marriage.

2022 ShortFest