• Brief Encounters

Sometimes our most profound experiences and meaningful connections occur in the shortest of time spans. These films examine the abiding impact of terse exchanges and fleeting interactions.

Short Films

On Solid Ground

Summertime. The cool feeling Eli carries from her morning swim in the river quickly vanishes as she faces the heated aggression of the city. Slowly, her rage builds . . .


Inspired by TikTok's cosplay community, a genderqueer teen experiments with their identity in a series of anonymous car rides.

Sweet Nothing

Rosa sunbathes in her garden on a hot summer afternoon, when suddenly the idyllic peace is disturbed by the noise of a lawnmower. The next door gardener goes about his work, while Rosa is increasingly ecstatic at the sight of his tender touch of the flowers.

Minyan Duty

Hoping to say Kaddish after their mother’s death, Leah and Ariel find themselves one person short of making a Minyan—the quorum of 10 Jewish adults required for evening prayer service. As a result, they turn to an unconventional solution.

The Lizard Laughed

Based on the acclaimed indie comic by Noah Van Sciver, an unreliable father does the bare minimum to reconnect with his estranged son during a hike to see The Laughing Lizard rock formation.

Dear Passengers

A lonely traveler embarks on a journey to find relief for a hidden yearning. Her restless longing spreads and forces fellow passengers to face their own desires and disappointments.

Parking Lot

Martyna and Kamilė used to be best friends during their studies, but Martyna decided to vanish from Kamilė’s life. One day they pass each other in a parking lot.

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