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    93 minutes |

Join us in celebrating the best films of the 28th edition of ShortFest, with a day of screenings featuring audience favorites and jury winners.

Short Films

The Cave

A boy longs for affection from his distant fisherman father. When he dies, the boy's grief turns into an obsession with his father's belongings. In an imaginary cave, he curses those relatives who took items of his late father’s. The curse begins to eat the boy's soul…


After not seeing her for four months, Alma’s father asks her to leave her baby sister with him without her mother’s knowledge. Alma is forced to choose between her mom and her dad.

The Seine's Tears

October 17, 1961, in the middle of the Algerian war, Algerian workers are demonstrating against the mandatory curfew imposed by the Paris police.


In Natal, the northeast of Brazil, the country is preparing to launch its first manned spaceship. A couple with two children lives near the space center. The husband is a mechanic, the wife a maid who dreams of other horizons.


Two female childhood friends, now adults, reunite at a festival for Durga Puja. Over the course of the night and rides, snacks and glances, their relationship is charged with an energy that lasts years.

Makassar is a City for Football Fans

In a city where the men are crazy about football, Akbar is compelled to pretend he loves the game to avoid being rejected by his new college friends.

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Running Time: 93 minutes

2022 ShortFest