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All manner of fauna, including a tyrannical sheep, a good doggie and a very lost bear, populate this eclectic collection of shorts.

Short Films

Nuisance Bear

Churchill, Manitoba, is famous internationally as a destination for photographing polar bears. We’ve seen the majestic images and watched the classic wildlife TV programs—but how do these bears view us?

Do Not Feed The Pigeons

Even in a lonely, revolting and boring place like a bus station, a little bit of harmony can always be found.

Louis I. King of the Sheep

One windy day, Louis the sheep finds a paper crown and thereby becomes Louis I., King of the Sheep. He addresses his people, tames nature, initiates festivities, separates the sheep by color and decides who gets to do what. Things go their royal ways. At least until the next gust of wind.

My Duduś

A Polish mother deals with empty-nest syndrome after her son leaves the country to study abroad. While he's gone, she finds and raises a baby squirrel. He returns home a few times a year to document their special bond.


In a family of sheep rustlers, a 15-year-old boy must go up against his domineering father in order to help his younger brother keep the baby lamb left orphaned by their latest slaughter.

Your Mountain Is Waiting

When a strange encounter forces urban dweller Martha to see her world a little differently, she embarks on a surreal journey of discovery, learning to not only listen to, but trust her gut instincts once again.

Dream on Leon

Léon is old, his body is letting him down. And so he sleeps. Yet above all, Léon dreams. Of love and sausages, of freedom and running wild. A real dog’s life.

End of the Road

Željko and Viki sacrifice all they have to ensure a gentle end of life for discarded horses on their small plot of land, extending them compassion, sympathy and dignity for the entirety of their lives’ journey.

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