• A Dose of Reality

These singular documentary shorts feature remarkable, contemporary accounts from New Orleans to Mumbai.


Short Films


In the days following the 2020 presidential election in Belarus, numerous protests erupted throughout the country, resulting in almost 7000 arrests by special police who took particularly brutal action against demonstrators. Hundreds of victims recount their experience, which is reconstructed in detail in the director’s room in Berlin.

The Panola Project

A chronicle of how an often-overlooked rural Black community came together in creative ways to survive that highlights the heroic efforts of Dorothy Oliver to keep her small town of Panola, Alabama safe from COVID-19.

Nice To Meet You All

The life and experience of “Bri,” a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder who has survived human trafficking rings in the US, is detailed in this inventive and celebratory portrait.

Party Poster

In suburban Mumbai, science, religion and politics comically collide amid a raging pandemic when a group of laundrymen set out to design a poster celebrating a hugely popular annual festival worshipping the deity Ganesha.

You Can't Stop Spirit

For a community of Black women, the pageantry of the Baby Doll Mardi Gras is a celebration of freedom, reclaimed culture and self-liberation.

2022 ShortFest