• Birdsong

    Directed by Omi Zola Gupta, Sparsh Ahuja
    UK/Laos | 17 minutes | Face The Music

Among the Hmong people of Laos the whistling tradition, a sonic experience between music and speech, is dying. Against the modern condition of urban life in Laos, three practitioners of this vanishing musical language offer a glimpse into the philosophical relationship between society and nature, and sound and reality. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/DoFF3ATCAhw

film details

Director: Omi Zola Gupta, Sparsh Ahuja
Producers: Sparsh Ahuja, Omi Zola Gupta, Dorn Bouttasing
Screenwriter: Omi Zola Gupta, Sparsh Ahuja
Cinematographers: Janamejaya Daroz
Editor: Giorgia Zarantonello
Country: UK/Laos
Language: in Hmong with English subtitles
Year: 2022
Running Time: 17 minutes
Primary Company: Riverpunch Films

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