• Best of Fest - 6

    84 minutes |

Join us in celebrating the best films of the 2023 ShortFest, with a day of screenings featuring audience favorites and jury winners.

Short Films

Mystic Tiger

After suffering a mysterious accident, a man acquires the ability to traverse time and space. However, the unbridled use of this gift will inevitably lead him to discover the true reason behind his power.

Pennies From Heaven

Two identical twins stumble upon a pickup truck filled with pennies, sending them on an absurd farcical adventure through the middle of nowhere that only lands them right back where they started.

Blond Night

Victor is unhappy in his housing for autistic adults. To avoid the Friday disco, he goes out for a walk in the neighborhood where he meets a young sex worker.

Sèt Lam

A frightened girl listens to her grandmother tell the strange tale of Edwardo, the first of his kin to have seen and fought death. The child is captivated, feeling that there is a reason her grandmother is recounting this story. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/-xdGhhlfcNw

An Avocado Pit

​​Larissa, a trans woman, and Cláudio, a cis man, meet one night in the streets of Lisbon. They dance their differences away until morning light in challenge, in surprise, in awe and in recognition. Meet the Filmmaker: https://youtu.be/iJ4b91Vrt8k

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Running Time: 84 minutes

ShortFest 2023