• Best of Fest - 2

    88 minutes |

Join us in celebrating the best films of the 2023 ShortFest, with a day of screenings featuring audience favorites and jury winners.

Short Films


For almost half a century, Don Ritchie would approach people contemplating suicide at the edge of a cliff 100 feet from his home. Reconciling the suicide of his best friend, Don’s surreal interactions with suicidal individuals asks: Can a simple act of kindness save a life?


An Asian-American girl stands up to her racist bully armed with a Chinese Demon Mask and the Nian, a mythological creature that eats bad kids. Meet the filmmakers: https://youtu.be/j0kyVM4mJOE

Kaamoksen Valossa

Antti, a musher from Northern Finland, loves his sled dogs and way of life. When he’s advised to quit he has to decide what he’s willing to risk for his freedom. Meet the filmmaker: https://youtu.be/sUM-oeHNqkQ

48 Hours

After three years in prison, Nader is given a furlough to go home. He has 48 hours to become a father to his four years old daughter.


Sarah, a young Ukrainian girl, discovers an orphaned baby Siberian tiger and realizes she must either raise him or leave him to the perils of the snowy wild.

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Running Time: 88 minutes

ShortFest 2023