Best of Fest 2023

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Max, Min & Meowzaki

Max and Min are breaking up, and the future home of their darling cat Meowzaki (named after Japanese animation titan Hayao Miyazaki) hangs in the balance. While navigating their separation and heartbreak, both embark upon vastly different but equally impactful journeys in this effervescent crowdpleaser that’s catnip for... Read More

Running Time: 145

Moving On

When two former friends are reunited at the funeral for the third part in their once inseparable trio, a revenge plot unearths the secret that tore them apart. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin continue their iconic screen partnership with this bittersweet look at the lasting impact of sexual assault. Read More

Running Time: 85

Of Medicine and Miracles

A true story that unfolds like a race-against-the-clock thriller, Oscar®-winning director Ross Kauffman tells the miraculous story of a young girl facing early death from leukemia, and the brilliant, obsessive doctor whose experimental, never-before-tried T-cell therapy could be her last hope for survival. Read More

Running Time: 96

Our Father, the Devil

Working as head chef in a French retirement home, unassuming Marie has adjusted to life after a mysterious history she keeps secret. When an African priest arrives, Marie is convinced he is directly linked to her dark and tragic past, and goes to radical extremes to exact her revenge. Read More

Running Time: 108

Racist Trees

Was the planting of tamarisk trees along the historically Black Lawrence Crossley neighborhood in Palm Springs a symbol of segregation? The battle to uproot them gained national attention and divided the community until their removal in 2018. This revealing, nuanced documentary explores the heated controversy in all its gnarled... Read More

Running Time: 85

Riceboy Sleeps

In this touching drama set in the 1990s, a Korean single mother raises her son in the Canadian suburbs. Over the course of an especially tumultuous decade, both must navigate the difficulties of fitting in, growing apart, and attempting to find each other again. Read More

Running Time: 117

Saint Omer

While researching for her next book, novelist Rama attends the trial of a woman on the stand for infanticide. As the accused makes her case, Rama begins to re-evaluate her relationship with her mother, as well as her own pregnancy, in filmmaker Alice Diop’s award-winning masterwork. This screening is free to AMPAS members who... Read More

Running Time: 123

Simone: Woman of the Century

In this moving biopic both intimate and monumental, the director of La Vie en Rose (PSIFF 2008) trains his eye on French feminist icon Simone Veil, whose hatred of injustice fueled by the death of her family in the Nazi camps turned her into a lifelong champion of human rights. Read More

Running Time: 140

Somewhere in Queens

In Ray Romano’s poignant and hilarious directorial debut, the beloved comedian stars as a bumbling Queens dad who goes to questionable lengths to ensure that his shy basketball-star son gets a prized college scholarship, much to the chagrin of his loving but fiercely protective wife (Laurie Metcalf). Read More

Running Time: 106

To Kill a Tiger

In this remarkable story of perseverance and resilience, a farmer in India seeks justice for his 13-year-old daughter after she is raped by three men. Risking retaliation as tensions mount during the court process, the family refuses to back down, and becomes a beacon of hope for survivors in India. Read More

Running Time: 125

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