• God Save the Queens

    Directed by Jordan Danger
    USA | 87 minutes | Gayla

Featuring a glittering constellation of Los Angeles drag stars, this audacious and candy-colored comedy follows a quartet of down-on-their-luck queens who end up stuck at the same therapy retreat. Together they face their respective plights with rapid-fire wit, unexpected poignancy, and a dash of the divine.

film details

Director: Jordan Danger
Producers: Cecile Cubiló, Lainie Guidry
Screenwriter: Jordan Danger
Cinematographers: Christopher Hamilton
Editor: Mike Small
Music: Nuno Malo
Cast: Alaska Thunderf*ck (AKA Justin Andrew Honard), Laganja Estranja (AKA Jay Jackson), Kelly Mantle, Jordan Michael Green, Peter Facinelli, Michelle Visage, Joaquim De Almeida, Luenell, Zack Gottsagen
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2022
Running Time: 87 minutes
Primary Company: Rated Elle Productions
Contact Email: ratedelleproductions@gmail.com

guests in attendance

Cecile Cubilo, Lainie Guidry, and Cynthia Guidry are expected to be in attendance on January 13th

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