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    Anxious Nation

    Directed by Vanessa Roth, Laura Morton
    USA | 101 minutes | True Stories

Shedding light on the widespread effects of anxiety as well as extinguishing the stigma often associated with mental health, this insightful and revealing documentary thoughtfully explores the ever-evolving circumstances that bring anxiety into the lives of each new generation, and what can be done to treat a national crisis. Presented By Kathy Ireland

film details

Director: Vanessa Roth, Laura Morton
Producers: Laura Morton, Steve Purcell
Screenwriter: Vanessa Roth, Laura Morton
Cinematographers: Steve Purcell, Tom Tanquary, Ken Fraser, Rick Siegel, Rey Miranda, Andy Ryan, Dane Lawing, Kort Waddell
Editor: Emily Williams
Music: Anisha J. King, Kameron Johnson, Cooper Ramsey
Cast: Jonah Burns, Mike Sneideman, Meredith Burns, Nicole Cochrane, Giancarlos “GC” Coris, Dave Cummings, Heather Cummings, Noah Cummings, Kameron Johnson
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2022
Running Time: 101 minutes
Director Filmography: Vanessa Roth: Mary J Blige's My Life (2021), The Texas Promise (2014), American Teacher (2011), No Tomorrow (2010)
Primary Company: Anxious Nation LLC
Contact Email: LMortonGAC@gmail.com
Website: http://Anxiousnation.com

guests in attendance

Vanessa Roth, Laura Morton, and Sevey Morton are expected to be in attendance on January 7th and 8th

Film Festival 2023