• What We Were

    Directed by Hannah Martin, Melanie Waelde
    Germany | 13 minutes |

Standing in the middle of a living room, Holger feels like a stranger in a house that used to be his home. Together with his ex-wife Sigrid and their daughters Silvi and Lara, he finds himself staring at Poldi, the freshly deceased family rabbit. The two girls decide that Poldi deserves a proper funeral, and, for the sake of their pet, the four of them become a family again, at least for a brief moment.

In competition for Best Student International Short

film details

Director: Hannah Martin, Melanie Waelde
Producers: Anna Werner
Screenwriter: Hannah Martin
Cinematographers: Lukas Eylandt
Editor: Jessica Schneller
Music: Matti Thoelert, Bertolt Pohl
Cast: Boris Aljinovic, Annekathrin Bach, Emma Floßmann, Katerina Veljanoski, Jonathan Elias Weiske
Original Language Title: Ohne Euch
Country: Germany
Language: In German with English subtitles.
Year: 2019
Running Time: 13 minutes
Awards: Best Original Script, Filmfest im Kleinen Theater
Contact Email: annalinnae@gmail.com
Website: https://www.dffb.de/

director biography

Hannah Martin studied Theatre and Media Studies at the University of Bayreuth before working as an assistant director and dramaturg at a theatre in Berlin. She completed her degree in script writing at the German Film- and Television Academy Berlin in 2017, and has since been working at a consulting agency for artificial intelligence. Here, she has taken on the role of a strategic communications expert, while simultaneously exploring the working world and the earnestness of life. Works of art are the occasionally byproduct of Hannah’s insatiable hunger for pleasure. Melanie Waelde grew up amidst churches and cows, before eventually leaving Bavaria for Berlin. Until 2017, she studied script writing at the German Film and Television Academy. Since then she has been working as a freelance author and as a filmmaker and is based in Potsdam. Her documentary “Like in Africa” was awarded the German Young Filmmakers’ Prize in 2015. Melanie indulges in the absurdities of life and is quite fond of anything that is colorful. Director Filmography Hannah Martin 2015 LABELLED - THE BERLIN START-UP OFFICE – OXYHYDROGEN TEST web series | 15 min 2012 KAVKA WANTS TO DIE short | 25 min Melanie Waelde (excerpt) 2019 NAKED ANIMALS feature | 90 min (script & director) 2018 CASTLE EINSTEIN - EPISODE 933 TV series | 25 min (script) 2017 FÜR UMME - DIE SERIE web series | 10 min (script) 2016 MOTHS short | 6 min (script & director) 2015 LABELLED - THE BERLIN START-UP OFFICE - RESISTANCE web series | 15 min (director)

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