• Welcome Strangers

    Directed by Dia Sokol Savage
    USA | 21 minutes |

Every night at 6pm, detained immigrants are legally released from a for-profit ICE facility onto unfriendly, industrial streets near Denver, Colorado. The men and women, most of them asylum-seekers, have little idea where they are and have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Sarah Jackson, a young woman, searches the streets for these immigrants and invites them into her home.

WINNER: Local Jury Award

film synopsis

film details

Director: Dia Sokol Savage
Producers: Garret Savage, Dia Sokol Savage
Cinematographers: Matthias Grunsky
Editor: Chelsea Jackson
Music: Mark Crawford
Cast: Sarah Jackson, Oliver
Country: USA
Language: In English and Spanish, Cameroonian Pidgin English with English subtitles.
Year: 2020
Running Time: 21 minutes
Contact Email: welcomestrangersfilm@gmail.com
Website: https://www.welcomestrangersfilm.com/

director biography

Dia Sokol Savage is the executive producer and co-creator of MTV’s hit series "16 and Pregnant" and the "Teen Mom" franchise. She is also an independent filmmaker whose directorial debut, "Sorry, Thanks," premiered at the SXSW film festival and was distributed by IFC. She began her career working for acclaimed director Errol Morris on "The Fog of War," "Mr. Death" and his television series, "First Person." Dia also produced Andrew Bujalski's "Mutual Appreciation" and "Beeswax," for which she was nominated for a 2010 Independent Spirit Award. She produced Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig's "Nights and Weekends" and Girls star Alex Karpovsky's film "Woodpecker." She runs 11th Street Productions with her producing partner Morgan J. Freeman.

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